Rules of Poker Tournaments

General rules

In making decisions, the Tournament Director and tournament supervisors should consider the best interest of the game and impartiality as the main priorities. Occasionally, unusual circumstances may dictate that the technical interpretation of the rules be ignored in order to act impartially. The decisions of the Tournament Director or tournament  staff will be final.


Player Responsibilities: players are expected to verify the data of their registration and seat allocation, to protect their hands, to make clear their intentions, to follow the course of the action, to act in turns, to defend their right to act, to keep their cards in sight, to keep the chips stacked correctly, to remain on the table with a live hand, to speak if they see that an error is made, to change tables quickly, to follow a player to a hand, that they know and comply with the rules, that they stick to the label and, in general, that they contribute to the tournament being carried out in an orderly manner.


Official terminology for poker tournaments: the official terms or actions to bet are simple statements, unequivocal and made on time such as: There are also regional terms that meet this standard. The use of non-standard language and gestures is at the risk of the player, as it could have a consequence different from that expected by the player. The player is responsible for clarifying what is his intention.


Electronic devices: to avoid any doubt, the term “electronic device” includes, but is not limited to the following devices, known and unknown. At no time will electronic devices be placed on the playing surface, which includes any part of the poker table. Players can place items on the edge of the table.


Telephone: Players will not be able to talk on the phone while they are sitting at the table, whether they are participating in a hand or not. If they wish to do so, they must get up from the table to carry out the call.


Telephones, tablets and laptops: players can use these devices at the table (apart from making calls), but not during a hand. Laptops can not be plugged into external power sources while sitting at the table.


Portable recording devices: the use of these or any other type of recording devices in the poker room is prohibited.

The use of electronic devices will not be allowed in any televised table or in any final table of the Main Event.


Distractions at the table: PS Live reserves the right to ask players to stop using any electronic device or any other item if the staff determines that they are slowing down the pace of the game, or that they affect other players at the table. Players can ask the dealer to contact a tournament supervisor if, in their opinion, there is a player that is slowing down the game due to external influences, including, but not limited to books, magazines and electronic devices.


Distribution and distribution of prizes (pacts): pacts will be allowed in all places / casinos, as long as this does not violate local rules of the game. The media will be informed about all agreements.


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