Seats in The Tournament

Seats / batteries: all tournament seats will be assigned randomly and will not be transferable. The tournament staff reserves the right to modify the seats to accommodate players with special needs throughout the tournament and to match the tables at the start of the tournament. The players will be responsible for verifying the receipt of their registration to make sure it is correct.


Players on the waiting list, late registrations and re-entries will receive the full amount of starting chips. They will sit down and assume the rights and responsibilities of any position except between the small blind and the button.


When applicable, players who withdraw their table and seat assignments will have their stacks in play when all seat numbers have been removed.


Identification: players will be responsible for carrying a valid photo ID to be able to sit at the table at the start of the tournament, as well as for all subsequent resumptions of all Poker Stars Live events. Any player who uses a fraudulent identification document will be penalized and could be disqualified from the event.


Re-buys: players who want to buy chips again can not lose any hands. If a player announces the intention to make a repurchase before the new hand, that player will be obligated to repurchase.


Table regrouping: the order in which the players will regroup at the tables in a tournament will be announced once the registration for the tournament has been closed. Poker Stars Live reserves the right to alter the order of the regrouping. Players who arrive at a table from an unarmed table will assume the rights and responsibilities of the new position (button, small blind, big blind). They will not receive a hand between the small blind and the button.


The tables will be grouped by double randomization. The dealer will assign the positions to the highest card, which will have seat number one. The tournament supervisor will mix the cards of the seats and distribute them around the table, starting with the highest card, clockwise.


Balance tables: the game will stop at any table where there is a minimum of three players less than at the table with the highest number of players at that time. On the flop and in mixed games, players will move from the big blind to the worst position, including a single big blind when possible. The worst position is never the small blind. Only in the Stud games, the players will move by position (the last seat that is left free in the table with fewer players is the seat that will be filled).

During the last stages of the tournament, the tables will be matched at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

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