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Baccarat: The baccarat player, different profiles and strategies.

Baccarat is very popular among casino players, and even appears as a star entertainment historically. While some players prefer to sit in front of the screens of the slot machines or others enjoy having a glass of alcohol near the Blackjack tables, the Baccarat player also has his little rituals and habits. Very surprisingly, we found several profiles of players , all with their own behavior and style. We will detail these profiles in this article.



The serene player

Some fictional characters from popular literature such as James Bond love Baccarat. These characters are usually cold-blooded heroes, educated and respectable people. The serene player only responds to the same criteria. He is a regular at Baccarat, someone who has the ability to be calm despite the circumstances.

The serene player would also be an excellent bluff player in Poker, since he is naturally impassive and it is difficult to read his emotions. The serene player usually makes a good reading of the game of his opponents, and always has a psychological advantage over others.


The mathematical player

The “mathematical” player is not a professional of mathematics and does not make this discipline his office. On the contrary, it has a surprising logic and is endowed with an excellent memory.

Know the statistics and the mathematical relationship to gain from memory; The essence of your strategy is to count the cards that come out and memorize them. Therefore, the mathematical player is a “brain” that, on the other hand, is difficult to concentrate.


The managing player

The player manager is a defensive style bettor who has an excellent management of their long-term funds. He is a patient and hardworking player who earns small regular amounts. Perfect accountant, you can not afford to take risks, because you fear too much to lose the profits that you accumulate little by little. If you compare him with characters of La Fontanel, the player manager would undoubtedly be the ant, since he is savvy and prudent.


The vain player

Pretentious, arrogant and disconcerting, the vain is not afraid of anything. Bet everything, necessarily trusting in chance. However, he is not an experienced player and he is afraid, as he plays a role; and in gambling, the pretentious are always the most afraid, since they have a good reason for it. If the vain player is a perfect actor, he is also able to earn a lot of money in small shots because he knows how to take advantage of the good opportunities. He is a feared and flattered player because he loves to entertain the gallery.

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